Frequently Asked Questions

Are the courses approved by the North and South Carolina DMV?

Yes! We provided an APPROVED course by the both North Carolina DMV and South Carolina DMV so you can get your certificate in a fast and affordable way.

How long will it take to complete the courses?

The pre license course will take about 12 hours (8 hrs day 1 and 4 hrs day 2) and is required to be in person. The North Carolina CE Online course has 6 hrs worth of video content, can be consumed at your own pace, and has the ability to start and stop when you need.  The North Carolina CE In Person course is a 1 day / 6 hour course led by an instructor.  The South Carolina pre license dealer course is 8 hours and required to be in person.

If I come to class, can I buy vehicles at the auction?

Attending a North or South Carolina dealer pre license course is one of the steps in the process of getting your North or South Carolina dealer license.   Getting your dealer license in either North or South Carolina will allow you to have access to auto auctions.

Can I sell vehicles from my home?

No! Vehicle can not be sold from your home.  You must always transact business from your licensed dealership location.

What am I allowed to do with a wholesale license?

With a wholesale license you may buy and sell vehicles at auto auctions or to other licensed dealers.   Wholesale dealers are NOT allowed to sell to the public.  This includedS selling vehicles to family and friends!

Do I have to finish the North Carolina Online CE course in one sitting?

No! You can log in and out to finish the course in whatever time it takes you to complete it.  Just make sure it is before the expiration date for a renewal! Also, you will only have access to the course for 3 months.

How many times can I log out and back in?

As many as you need to finish the course you are taking! As lone as you complete the courses within the 3 months access time.

Where can I find the required paperwork to title a vehicle for our customer?

We advise you to use a software called a Dealer Management System or DMS.  The DMS should have all forms contained within the software license.  However, most forms can be procured from the DMV or a 3rd party vendor such as Reynolds and Reynolds.

How long do I have to finish the course(s)?

All in person courses will be complete in the time frame you are in the live class.  The ONLINE version of the NC Continuing Education will give you 3 months to complete the course.  

What happens if I don’t finish the renewal course before June 30th?

If you fail to renew your dealers license before June 30th your license expires and you are no long able to conduct transactions as a dealer in the State of Utah until you apply for a new dealers license.

I’m having some kind of issue with the website/course?

Once you access a course, you will find a full table of contents at the left-hand side of the screen. You can browse through the sections and access the learning unit you would like to study. In most cases you would be better off when simply following the linear course order proposed by the course instructor. In the future you can always come back re-visit any learning unit you wish. Note that learning units that you have visited / completed are marked with a discrete check mark. 
If you are having any trouble at all feel free to reach out to us!  Our contact info is at the bottom of each page!

My payment is not going through?

If you are having difficulty getting payment to process check you billing zip code to make sure it is correct then reach out to us so we can help you out and see what the cause of the issue is.

Do you offer private or small group classes outside of the posted class dates?

Yes, we often get request for private training or title clerk training.  Please reach out to us and we will go over options and cost to see if it makes sense for you.

Can I rent my dealer tags to a friend or another person who is not a part of the dealership?

No.  Renting or selling use of dealer tags is illegal!

Do I need a notary in my office?

No and yes!   While it is not required to have a notary in your office, keep in mind many documents must be notarized so it may make sense to have one or even two people in your office to be notaries.