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The newest version of our continuing ed online class is out and these are some of the comments we see!

“As always Kat is a wealth of Knowledge even to the ones of us who have been doing this for along time. She never ceases to amaze me at the depth of her knowledge and her understanding of the laws and how they relate to the dealers everday life. I like to think of Kat as the bridge between the regulatory branch of this business and the real world part of this business. Way to go Kat. “
” Kat’s classes are simply the best! Whether you attend in person and online you’ll not find a more in depth, precise approach to dealer training. Thanks for making our jobs easier with all your hard work.”
“BEST DEALER TRAINING COURSE EVER!! Super easy format loved every second of it. WILL definitely be back next year”

“I always look forward to taking your class. It’s always very informative with any new changes to the laws and well explained. Your advice has helped me grow my business by leaps and bounds. Thank You!!!”

“I always look forward to taking your class every year. We get offers to try other classes but why mess up something that works and is so informative. Thank you.”

This is my second year taking your course and again I am saying I will never sit thru another class at a local community college. I have received more informative information in these two classes than i did in any of the other classes I’ve taken for the last 6 years.”

“very informative. Very intense! It’s scary to find out how out of compliance I have been even though I attend these classes each year at a community college.”

“I have been a NC dealer for several years(my father started our business in the 1960″s) and was around when NC first made the classes mandatory for renewal. Since then I have attended “in class” and “online” classes. This class was by far my best experience. Lots of information!”

“After taking the old class for years I find your class what we all need by far . The things that keep us from making expensive mistakes .”

“The class is succinct and painless. I trust Kat. She does her due diligence and presents the timely research professionally.”

With reviews like this, why are you wasting your time going elsewhere?  Our goal in creating and presenting this class is VALUE PLUS.  We want you to get your required six hours of CE training PLUS we want to offer information to help you run your business with fewer headaches and hassles.

In addition, you have the convenience of taking this class from the comfort of your location.  We call it wherever/whenever training with an emphasis on providing real life examples and ideas to help you be successful.

For a price of $70, you can sign up and take this class at your convenience.  

NOTE– If you are a returning student, please create a NEW sign in.  All students (new OR returning should use the “Is this your first time here?” directions on the next page. Click here to enroll in the latest version. Note- This is a new class and you will need to create a NEW account with us.

Read what your fellow dealers are saying…….

“This was the best class I have ever taken. I learned more in the section, than I ever did at the college where I had taken the course before.”


Information is delivered straight up and to the point. Instead of the feeling of doom left from other training classes, I feel educated and confident that my dealership can be compliant. And, if not, Kat is just a call or email away.

I think this wonderful Kat was very very informative and informed us on a lot of updates , I Highly recommend Her …A++++

Kat is awesome! Great instructor…Feel like I can take on the world..or at least the government!

“love it,,love it ,,love it,, changes my bad attitude about cont ed..”

As always, I like how detailed you are. You really know what you are talking about. It has helped my business tremendously. Keep up the great work!

Thank you for making this possible. Not only does it save me a lot of money, I like your the way you have done this much better than the York dvd’s . Being able to do this on my computer at my own pace and time was a real help. Thanks again.

“I love your class and trust what you have to say.  Always been there for us no matter what”

L.M – I was very impressed with the content of class. The changes imposed this year is quiet substantial, however it is taking shape with every other industry.I am a new dealer just starting this year, however I am not new to business. I have ran diff. businesses for over 30 yrs. and the changes imposed are affecting all.I think you did a marvelous job with your presentation, very detailed and clear. Kept my attention throughout. Thanks

D.V. – I thought it was great. I could take a test or two and then come back later if needed.

L.M – Convenience and a reasonable price .


T.H. – this course had alot more infomation I didn’t know,  class at dccc never went into any detail

J.D. – total class perfect

K.K. – This was the first time I used your service and I found it very educational. I learned many rules that I was unaware of.

T.G. – can do it at home , not 2 hours away, cat always seems to be on top of real situations