When will you have in-person classes again?

I get this question every day. Just like everyone else, I am tired of masks, social distancing, take out instead of eat in, and Zoom meetings. Every week I look at all the latest pandemic information and try to decide when I will have in-person classes again.
This morning I got a call from a dealer. He has to renew by the end of the month and he hasn’t taken a class yet. He told me that he and his wife both had COVID. He was in the hospital 25 days, she was in for 54 and on a ventilator for 30. At one point they told him his wife wasn’t going to survive, but somehow she did. She was the only one in the ICU during that time period who did survive.
I am not willing to take the risk of even one person catching this horrible disease in one of my classes. I will hold in-person classes again when anyone who wants a vaccine can get one, hopefully sometime this summer. Until then, remember the online CE class is available any time, 24/7. And I will continue to hold live pre-licensing classes through Zoom. Stay safe and I hope I see you soon!

Kat Messenger
Carolina Dealer Training

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