South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles Mandatory ELT Information for Motor Vehicle Dealers

South Carolina Code of Laws, Section 56-19-2651 authorizes SCDMV to require electronic lien recordings from lenders doing business in South Carolina. In addition to Mandatory ELT, SCDMV will begin charging lenders for their use of the ELT service to transmit and receive information from the Department. Implementation is scheduled for February 1, 2017, however, SCDMV will allow a six month grace period for implementation ending July 31, 2017. This amendment requires SC licensed motor vehicle dealers, who also finance vehicles, to utilize the electronic lien and title system to transmit and receive lien information from the SCDMV. The SCDMV requires motor vehicle dealers who finance vehicles to participate in the ELT program if the dealers process 5 or more title transactions per year. To participate in the ELT program SC licensed motor vehicle dealers will contact a SCMDV approved ELT Service Provider or may develop a proprietary ELT system to interface with DMV. If the dealer wishes to develop its own ELT system, the dealer will be required to develop and test the ELT system to meet the SCDMV specifications. Motor vehicle dealers that will participate in the ELT program through a service provider must complete the ELT Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) before vehicle, customer and lien data is electronically transmitted through the ELT program. The SCDMV will review the signed MOU and approve for participation. The service provider will provide the motor vehicle dealer with the necessary equipment and training before transmitting lien information to the SCDMV. For a list of the SC approved ELT service providers please visit our web site at:

For a FAQ on the ELT program, go to

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