NC DMV has released a new version of the MVR-614, the Affidavit of Principally Garaged Vehicle.  The new title of the form is “Affidavit of Military/Dependent or Principally Garaged Vehicle”.  The revision date on the form is 01/16, but DMV has released it to be used immediately.  It should be available on the DMV website soon.  With this form, it is no longer necessary to make a copy of a Servicemember’s or their dependent’s military ID.

Also, all the DMV fees will increase Jan.1.  Some of the new fees are listed on this link..  If you sell a vehicle in 2015, but take the paperwork to the tag office in 2016, the new rates will apply. The new fee schedule is now posted on DMV’s website.

Click here for the link to the new MVR-614…

Click here for the 2016 revised DMV fees.


—Dealer License:  $90.00

—Sales Rep License:  $20.00

—Title:  $52.00

—Duplicate/corrected title: $20.00

—Instant title:  $98.00

—Registration: $36.00, private passenger vehicle

—Weighted tags, etc. going up as well

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