NC Electronic Lien & Titling (ELT) Program

Note: This information is from NC DMV. As soon as I have more details I will post them!

The North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles implemented an electronic lien and title (ELT) system effective Saturday, November 1.

The primary objective of ELT is to use an electronic exchange of data in lieu of a paper title as a means of communicating lien status between the DMV and a lienholder. The DMV will suppress the printing of a physical paper title and instead lienholders will receive an electronic notification regarding its financial interest in the vehicle. ELT will also allow lienholders to electronically release liens on a vehicle rather than manually executing the release on the front of a paper certificate of title. With ELT, lienholders will not lose their titles and corrections can be made electronically without having to wait for a title to be returned to the Division. The business processes involved in recording liens will remain the same; however, with the new ELT program if a title has a lien with a participating lienholder, an electronic notification is sent instead of a title being mailed.

The ELT program will be voluntary for lienholders the first year (12 months) after implementation. After the first year (beginning November 1, 2015) the program will be mandatory for all lienholders who conduct at least five transactions annually. In addition to receiving electronic notifications when a vehicle has been “titled” with their lien, ELT participating lienholders will release their liens electronically. The lien release will be sent to STARS electronically from the lienholder through the vendor. ELT participating primary lienholders will be able to request a paper title with liens for business reasons such as repossessions.

Lenders that are utilizing the ELT program will have a special “Customer #” that will be used to record their lien.

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