A Broadcast Message was sent out on 11-1-2013 to advise that per Senate Bill 402, an additional annual fee of $100.00 for electric vehicle initial registration or registration renewal would become effective January 1, 2014; however, we will not begin charging this fee until January 3, 2014. This will allow for any vehicles that were sold on or before December 31, 2013 to be registered on January 2, 2014 without the fee. This means that you will need to process all of your “Electric Vehicle” dealer work on January 2nd when we reopen. We will not be able to use the date the work was brought in to bypass the fee.

For customer’s renewing plates that expired on or before December 31, 2013, they will not be charged the fee of $100.00 if they renew by January 2nd. This is because we need to allow vehicles to be titled from car sales on or before 12-31-2013; however, anyone renewing after that date will be charged and you will have to explain that due to the new law going into effect, they are being charged.

Also, it is imperative that you make sure the fuel code is correct. This is for “plug-in” electric vehicles with a fuel type of “E”; meaning, purely electric, and does not rely on a nonelectric source of power. Low speed vehicles are exempt from this fee. If you run across a vehicle that has the wrong fuel type, please make sure to contact the Help Desk for a correction. This law applies to the vehicle the first time it is titled with a plate issuance or transfer and renew and every time it is renewed.


SECTION 34.21.(a) G.S. 20-87 is amended by adding the following new subdivision to read:

“(13) Additional fee for certain electric vehicles. – At the time of an initial registration or registration renewal, the owner of a plug-in electric vehicle that is not a low-speed vehicle and that does not rely on a nonelectric source of power shall pay a fee in the amount of one hundred dollars ($100.00) in addition to any other required registration fees.”

SECTION 34.21.(b) This section becomes effective January 1, 2014, and applies to initial or renewal motor vehicle registrations on or after that date.

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