ATTENTION NC DEALERS: Highway Use Tax on Doc fees delayed!

HUT included in doc and admin fees
A new law will require a dealer include doc fees (listed within GS 20-101.1) when calculating Highway Use Tax (HUT) on vehicles sold, this change was to begin 1/1/14 but is delayed until 7/1/14. The new law is found in S402 “Highway Use Tax Base” Section 34.29.(a) with (b) indicating the effective date. House Bill H112 amended Section 34.29.(b) to be effective 7/1/14.

Electric veh fee
The electric vehicle registration and renewal increase becomes effective 1/1/14. This fee is based on when the registration is processed, not date of sale. One special provision allows that electric vehicles sold on 12/31/13 can avoid the extra fee if it is registered with DMV by close of business on 1/2/14.

Additional Annual Fee For Electric Vehicles / S402
SECTION 34.21.(a) G.S. 20‑87 is amended by adding the following new subdivision to read:
“(13) Additional fee for certain electric vehicles. – At the time of an initial registration or registration renewal, the owner of a plug‑in electric vehicle that is not a low‑speed vehicle and that does not rely on a nonelectric source of power shall pay a fee in the amount of one hundred dollars ($100.00) in addition to any other required registration fees.”
SECTION 34.21.(b) This section becomes effective January 1, 2014, and applies to initial or renewal motor vehicle registrations on or after that date.

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