There has been some confusing, and perhaps misleading, information circulating about DMV forms that have been updated to acommodate the requirements of the Tag and Tax Together program. To set that straight:

The most recent revisions of the MVR-1 (Title Application), the MVR-330 (Lease form), and the MVR 1A (Certification of Plate and/or Address) are dated 9/12 in the upper lefthand corner. These forms allow the option of applying for a Limited Registration Plate. As of 9/1/2013, if you are using a MVR-1 dated before 9/12, you must use the MVR-1A form dated 9/12 in order to apply for a Limited Registration Plate. Just a reminder, if you are not collecting the property tax and paying it on behalf of your customer, the customer will be applying for a Limited Registration Plate.

The forms listed above, along with most other DMV forms, are available for free through NC DMV’s website –, click on the “Forms” tab. The Revised forms are also available through Dealer Solutions Software. If you are using any other software, ask your software provider about updated forms.

Please e-mail me at katmessenger if you have any questions about this issue!

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