SC ID Requirements take effect on 1/1/12


Beginning January 1, 2012 anyone registering a vehicle in South Carolina will be required to have a South Carolina Drivers License or Identification Card. As a dealer, you will need to make a copy (black and white, not color) of your customer’s Drivers License or ID and submit it to DMV with the Form 400 and other paperwork.

There are some exceptions to the above requirement.   If the customer does not have a SC Drivers License or ID card, they must have either a valid Drivers License or ID from another state, a passport with a visa, an Employment Authorization Document (EAD), or a permanent residency card. They must also complete and sign a form TI-006, a Statement of Vehicle Operation in South Carolina.  That form will be available by January 1 from DMV.  In addition to the form, the following documentation must be submitted with the Form 400:

  • If the customer is in the military and stationed in SC, a copy of their home state Drivers License or ID, and a copy of their military orders.
  • If the customer is a student attending school in SC, a copy of their home state Drivers license or ID, and a copy of their school identification or enrollment forms not more than 12 months old.
  • If the customer is a “snowbird” whose permanent home is in another state, but they also have a residence in SC and plan to keep the vehicle at their SC home at least 6 months a year, a copy of their home state Drivers License or ID and one of the following:
    • A copy of a lease, deed, mortgage or current utility bill for the SC address in the customer’s name
    • A statement from a SC employer stating that the customer is employed in SC
    • If the customer lives with someone who owns or leases a residence in SC, a statement from the homeowner that the customer lives with them, and a copy of the homeowner’s SC Drivers License or one of the items listed above.
  • If the vehicle is owned by co-owners, one must have a SC Drivers License or ID, the other may use their home state Drivers License or ID.
  • There is also an exception for a customer who is unable to get a SC Drivers License or ID because of a medical or physical impairment.  In this case the vehicle must be principally garaged in SC, and driven by a driver other than the owner.  The TI-006 form is required and the vehicle must be registered with a disabled plate.

The above exceptions – military, students, snowbirds, co-owners and disabled customers – are the only exceptions to the requirement for a SC Drivers License or ID.  If you have a customer who qualifies for one of these exceptions but does not have a Drivers License or ID from another US state or territory, DMV will accept a passport with a valid visa, an EAD, or a permanent residence card, along with the TI-006 and the above documentation.


There are also new requirements for businesses registering vehicles in the business name, if it is the first time the customer has registered a vehicle in the business name.  The title application must be accompanied by the FEIN (with documentation, federal form SS-4) or Social Security number and one of the following:

  • Utility bill in the business name
  • Property tax receipt for business property (not the vehicle)
  • Insurance papers for the business property (not the vehicle)
  • City or county business license
  • Registration with the Secretary of State’s office by the business


Currently, SC DMV is offering Identification Cards free of charge to SC residents 17 and over.  Details on requirements for an ID are available on DMV’s website,

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