Online Class a Big Hit With Dealers!

Our North Carolina Dealers really like the convenience and thoroughness of our online class!

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Here are a few comments from some recent students: —-

This online class was EXTREMELY helpful and informative. After being in the industry for over 26 years the majority was review but we always learn something new from your training sessions! Great source for our rapidly changing industry. 

Thanks Kat and Staff for your dedication to the Independent Dealers of NC like us!

I was especially impressed with the depth of knowledge provided in this class. I received more knowledge here than I did with the “in person” classes I have attended for several years at local Community Colleges. It was very convenient while sitting here in my home computer room. Thanks

The class was very helpful, detailed and focused on relevant material(s). Liked the mix of review and new materials. Please continue with this format.

I liked that I got to take the class when I had the time.

Very informative, good pace, easy access. I liked the online links and ability to start and stop as needed. This was much more educational than the DVD series I completed last year. Thanks for the updates and reminders.

Very informative and explained in easy terms.

I liked the new and wide range of topics you covered including updates of previous topics covered.

The info. is very helpful to know about all the changes to look for.

Enjoyed doing class online . Very knowledgeable and resourceful.

I liked going at my own pace, and not having to hurry.

I liked the fact that it is online and your wealth of knowledge that you present very well.


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