• Our instructors, Kat Messenger and Jim Edwards, are professional educators who have been designing and delivering Dealer Education since the very first classes held in both North and South Carolina over 12 years ago!
  • Jim and Kat have trained over 16,000 dealers, more than any other instructors in NC and SC combined!
  • Kat and Jim provide ongoing expert support and advice after you attend class, at no additional cost!
  • Jim and Kat are nationally recognized as EXPERTS in Independent Dealer Compliance Issues
  • That means you can count on us when you have questions about business practices or need help with a specific issue.
  • We are flexible – if our scheduled classes don’t work for you, we can schedule a private class to meet your needs
  • Our constantly updated curriculum keeps our clients on the cutting edge of local, state and federal issues.
  • Based on our own expert research and access to subscription-only legal databases, dealers are assured of the most accurate and current information impacting their business.
  • We’re recommended by the Carolinas’ best dealers. Ask any licensed Independent Dealer who they prefer for dealer education!


  • See what our students say about our classes:
    • “Could tell the instructors were passionate about the subject matter as well as their desire to help those in the class really grasp what they needed to know!”
    • “Thanks for offering a quality course at a reasonable cost, learn something new every time”
    • “Best run class I’ve attended in a long time”
    • “I love your class and trust what you have to say. Always been there for us no matter what”
    • “I’ve been in the used car business for 4 years and learned a lot that I thought I already knew”
    • “Would recommend to anybody who wants to be in the business or already is in the business. Very user friendly material”

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